AeroVironment to show TurboCord at ECGD

AeroVironment to show TurboCord at ECGD

Posted 05-15-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

AeroVironment will show their next-generation EV Charger dubbed TurboCord at the Electric Car Guest Drive.  The portable EV charger has the capability to connect to either 120v or 240v residential outlets. When plugged into a 240v outlet, the TurboCord will charge nearly 3x as fast as the standard cordset provided with most EVs. 

The TurboCord is remarkably compact, easily fitting into a small nylon cloth carrying case provided with the unit. 

The small handheld unit also features new safety features including several temperature monitoring sensors and will automatically shut off if an unusual operating condition is detected, like a loose wall outlet connection that could cause high electrical resistance and heat.



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