Clipper Creek HCS-60 and LCS-25 on display at ECGD

Clipper Creek HCS-60 and LCS-25 on display at ECGD

Posted 05-15-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

ClipperCreek will be displaying their new HCS-60, a powerful and rugged 48 Amp charge station station, and the LCS-25, a low cost and portable charge cord at the Electric Car Guest Drive in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. The 240Volt, level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are rated for both indoor and outdoor use. The units have a remarkably durable rubber molded vehicle cable and connector that make the units suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

The HCS-60 features ClipperCreek’s highly lauded standard product features, like a 3-year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 station enclosure, and 25 feet of charge cable. These substantial features make the HCS-60 one of the best values among 48 Amp charging stations currently available on the market.

The HCS-60 is compatible with all current production plug-in vehicles. With 48 Amps available for charging, the HCS-60 is a good match for vehicles that can take advantage of higher charging currents like the RAV4EV, the Tesla Model S, or electric fleet trucks. The HCS-60’s rugged design and ample 25 foot charging cable a good solution for fleet, commercial property, or home users. “Electric vehicle charging rates are rising and some customers have asked for higher power stations to future proof their installation investment,” says Will Barrett, Inside Sales Manager at ClipperCreek, “the ClipperCreek team has responded with 48 Amp charging, that is 11.5kW of power.”

The HCS-60 comes with the latest in vehicle connector technology from ClipperCreek. The high power charging cable provided with the unit is rubber over-molded for increased durability and superior cold performance. “The larger conductor size for the high power transfer required special care to design for real world operation,” said Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek, “we used rubber over-molding to fully seal the connector’s head and increase the durability in the rough commercial world, the rubber cable jacket increases cold weather flexibility of the cable.”

The HCS-60 sells for $899. 

ClipperCreek products are manufactured in Auburn, CA, USA.

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