Almost 200 show for San Diego Guest Drive weekend

Almost 200 show for San Diego Guest Drive weekend

Posted 05.06.2014 in News by Christopher

EV Quorum had a great turnout at the Electric Car Guest Drive event in San Diego. Just under two hundred people turned out to drive nine different electric vehicles over Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Owners of a wide range of EVs showed up, chatted about driving electric and gave people the opportunity to drive their car around the wide four mile parkway that rings the neighborhood:

Tesla Model S (two, a grey S85 and a red Signature Performance S85 edition)
Fiat 500e (two, orange and slate)
Ford Focus Electric
Toyota RAV4 EV
Honda Fit EV
Chevy Volt
Nissan Leaf
Toyota Plug-in Prius

The club also had two electric conversions on display, one each day. David Bernardo brought his orange VW Beetle "Zelectric" to Balboa Park on Saturday and gave guest drives.  Farhad Sorourifar brought his Pontiac Fiero "Silver Bullet" to Carlsbad on Sunday for a static display. 

Chris Mountain, whose uncommon courtesy at a charge station actually inspired the formation of the EV Quorum car club, brought his white Toyota Rav4EV and gave guest drives and shared his legendary "opportunity charging" tips throughout the day, keeping us all in stitches. Seriously, Chris should write a book. 

Fine art photographer Nicholas Mac Connell showed up and was immediately inducted into the tribe. A pioneer who was on the cusp of the computer revolution with the Apple Macintosh, Nicholas "gets it".

Verengo Solar popped up a canopy each day and held a series of discussions about true zero emission fuel in the shade of the brightly glowing orb they harness to power homes and cars. 

Joe Welsh, the owner of Segway Pacific Beach stoppped by to chat about the various Light Electric Vehicles his shop provides for locals and visitors. I have rented Segways at the beach from Joe and they are a lot of fun. I also purchased an electric vehicle from Joe, an eMax scooter, several years ago. Although it now takes a back seat to the Tesla, so to speak, it still runs well and is virtually free transportation, especially so now that I have solar on my roof. Having operated Segway of Pacific Beach for almost 10 years, Joe is extremely knowledgeable about all forms of Light EVs and I recommend him highly.  Although he wasn't able to bring any Segways for show and tell this time, Joe did provide a pair of vouchers for Segway rentals to the club.  I'll be sending out an email to San Diego club members on how to get a chance to snag these E Ticket rides.

Request an ECGD in your city and reserve a place at upcoming Electric Car Guest Drive events through the club's registration form   


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