San Francisco ECGD an international meet-up

San Francisco ECGD an international meet-up

Posted 05.25.2014 in News by Christopher

A large meadow surrounded by pines in picturesque and historic Golden Gate Park was the site of the San Francisco EV Quorum car club Electric Car Guest Drive meet-up. As if underscoring the international diversity that the city is so well known for, a majority of our new club members and guests that day hailed from outside the US, including Russia, the Ukraine, Spain, England, Australia and several parts of Asia. 

Computer systems administrator Denis Voskoboinikov had one of the most interesting EV stories to tell. He explained that his immigration from Russia to the United States was directly inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla Motors and that it was his life's ambition to work for Tesla and help advance the cause of zero emission transportation. In keeping with the spirit of the Electric Car Guest Drive being a family-friendly gathering, Denis brought his wife and son to the park. With weather cooperating, the afternoon sun broke through the famous San Francisco marine layer, providing the pair with a beautiful afternoon stroll through the many park paths while dad talked green tech and drove EVs down Lincoln Way. Tesla, have you seen Denis' resume lately?  The man is on a mission. 

New club members Konstantin, Natalia and Alex also came originally from the east, with Alex visiting San Francisco from Georgia. 

Another member visiting from afar was Jim Collier, who brought his teenage son all the way from Texas to San Francisco for the weekend.  We all had a long, very engaging and enjoyable conversation and it was awesome to see the enthusiasm of the new generation for electric vehicles. 

One of my most memorable conversations was with Denise Choye, who came to the meet-up not to drive the cars (it would be too tempting to go out and purchase one, she said) but to talk with owners and get the real story on what it's like to drive and EV on a daily basis. Denise has a very long commute and likes the idea of having an HOV sticker and saving hundreds of dollars a month in gas. Her main concern was the availability of workplace charging. Her one-way commute is longer than the electric range of a Chevy Volt, so being able to plug in at work would be a requirement for her. The BMW i3 was not her cup of tea, add one to the waiting list for the Tesla Gen3!

The club's picnic lunch was a notch above the usual fare, with delicious gourmet sandwiches from Guerras Deli in the nearby Sunset District. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is often referred to as a mecca for EVs. Our visit seemed to confirm that view, even the Golden Gate Park Ranger that stopped by was into EVs, and mentioned that he drives a Chevy Volt when off-duty. 

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