EVoReel EVSE cord management at ECGD

EVoReel EVSE cord management at ECGD

Posted 05-15-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

The EVoReel cord management system manufactured by EVoCharge will be available for inspection at the Electric Car Guest Drive. The significant feature of this product is the retractable cord reel that is similar to the pneumatic hose reels you use when putting air in your tires. It also extends your EVSE cord up to 30 feet, so if you need to charge 2 EVs, or charge an EV in the driveway outside your garage, you can easily do it.

EVoCharge makes three varieties of the EVoReel.

The first is called the EVoReel Hardwire Solution.  This is a repacement cable that is installed into your existing EVSE by a qualified electrician.

The second is called the EVoReel Adapter Solution has a J1772 adapter so you can plug it into an existing EVSE. This is great in two situations:

For people who already have an EVSE, want to keep that EVSE in its current position and don't want to pay for an electrician to connect the reel.

When you wanto to extend the reach of your EVSE without repositioning and re-wiring your EVSE. 

You just leave the existing EVSE in place, for example on one side of the garage, and then just plug it into the EVoReel, which you then extend up to 30' to charge another car on the other side of the garage or out in the driveway.  When you're finished, the reel gently but firmly retracts the cable and it's safely out of the way.

The EVoReel Adapter Solution sells for $699.

The third variety is called the EVoReel Charging Station. It works just like the EVoReel mentioned above but comes with a 30 amp, 7.2 kW charge station that mounts on the wall next to the reel. It sells for $1,199. The included EVSE can be hardwired or you can get it with a standard NEMA 6-50 plug.

The EVoReel Charging Station sells for $1,199. 

EVoCharge also makes a 30amp charging station that does not have a reel. It sells for $649.

Commercial pedestal mounts in single or dual configurations are also available, check the company's web site for details.  



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