Thousand Oaks Guest Drive draws four aces

Thousand Oaks Guest Drive draws four aces

Posted 05.12.2014 in News by Christopher

The Thousand Oaks Electric Car Guest Drive drew four Tesla Model S performance sedans to the gathering, calling for a show which revealed a pair of Chevy Volts, a Nissan Leaf, Fiat 500e and Ford Focus Electric.

Although musician and producer Gene Rubin brought his Model S, he explained that one electric car wasn't enough, and that he and Anne were in the market for another one. Gene loved the idea of being able to see many of the options side by side, and talk to the owners who drive them daily. 

Peter Orgel also brought a beautiful white Model S to show and tell, and showed club members his invention that keeps rims from getting scuffed up. Noticing that I hadn't installed my front license plate yet, he also kindly gave me a set of custom J bolts he made in his workshop – thanks Peter!

Noted director Jordan Bloch also drove up from Ojai in his grey Model S which is a body double of my own. The lineup of of shiny toys, two white and two grey, was a beautiful sight. 

Besides showing off his car, Jordan was there to begin shooting the video about the Electric Car Guest Drive which EV Quorum has just posted on our new YouTube channel. Gene and Anne graciously appeared in the video, with Gene expressing gleeful amusement that he was no longer subject to rising gas prices.  

New club member Greg MacDuff also made an appearance in the video. In the spirit of the family-friendly style of the event in the park, Greg brought his son along for the ride who gave the quorum two thumbs up.

Renewable energy educators from VerengoPHAT Energy and Solar City all showed up to talk about how to drive with truly zero emissions and lower costs. I was impressed that two of the reps from Solar City showed up in electric cars, walking the walk so to speak. Kathy Krasenics drives a Chevy Volt and Frank Wagner drives a Nissan Leaf. 

Russell Sydney, lecturer and author of the book “Energy and EV Secrets” brought his Chevy Volt and shared some history of the SoCal EV scene that even I didn't know, and I consider myself a serious student of the subject. I learned more from and about Russell the following day when he rejoined us in Santa Monica at a site which he referred to as EV “hallowed ground”. 

The Electric Car Guest Drive event in Thousand Oaks was held at Conejo Creek Park the afternoon of Saturday May 17th. 

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