PHAT Energy - PHATport solar canopy

PHAT Energy - PHATport solar canopy

Posted 05-15-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

PHAT Energy educators will be on hand at the Electric Car Guest Drive to discuss the PHATport solar canopy and other methods of powering your electric car on zero emission, domestically produced, 100% renewable solar energy.

The PHATport, featured in Electric Car Insider magazine, is an attractive, sturdy metal carport or patio shade that uses transparent solar panels as the covering.

The system generates power, but also provides shade for your car or patio.  When used as a car port, the shade keeps your car cooler and reduces the energy and time required bring the interior to a comfortable temperature. 

Since the solar power generated reduces utility upper rate tier usage first, even a small carport can make a disproportionate reduction an a monthly utility bill. For example a system that produces about half of a residence's power can lower the monthly utility bill by 75%. The savings are equally as good or better when using an EV Time of Use rate, since the solar system generates the most energy during the on-peak period.

Solar panels have come down in price dramatically over the past few years, from about $12 per watt in 2000 to under $6 per watt installed today. The payback is now usually less than 10 years. After that, the electricity is free and represents monthly income, a return on the initial investment.

PHAT Energy installs solar systems throughout Southern California.


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