Sunspeed Pacific Coast SunTrail Route

Sunspeed Pacific Coast SunTrail Route

Posted 05-15-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

Today, if you want to drive down the coast (and back) in your electric vehicle (EV), you’ll have a difficult task.  A sufficient number of chargers just don’t exist.  So Sunspeed Enterprises is building the Pacific Coast SunTrail Route – a series of EV charging hubs along California’s rural Highway 1 from Eureka to Malibu.  The first hub was established in Pt. Reyes Station. Each hub has a 480V DC fast charger, a 220V medium speed charger, run off renewable energy, and will be located at towns, resorts, inns, and restaurants where drivers can refresh while their EVs recharge.  All the charger hubs will also support standard credit cards and the new SAE Combo plugs by the end of the year.  

How long it takes to charge at a SunTrail hub will depend in part on the make and model of your EV and in part on the power provided by the SunTrail chargers: 

Level-1 (110V outlet) Slow/Trickle charge gives 5-7 miles of range in an hour’s charge.

Level-2 (220V, 6.6kw) Medium speed Charger gives 20-24 miles of range in an hour’s charge.

Level-3.1 (480v, 20kw) DC Fast Charge will fully charge a Leaf in less than an hour.

Level-3.2 (480v. 50/60kw) DC Fast Charge will fully charge a Leaf in less than ½ hour.

EV drivers pay for a charge based on what is used.  There are no network membership fees.  While costs will vary from site-to-site and subject to change, the price for a 220v charge runs about $0.39/kwh and a 480v DC fast charge is $0.79/kwh.  In addition to credit card readers, the SunTrail™ hubs are part of the Greenlots SKY network and can be accessed by a Greenlots or Sunspeed Enterprises RFID or the Greenlots app available on the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

In addition to the Point Reyes Station site, look for more sites opening this summer:

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo Valley Ford Market, Valley Ford

Depot Museum, Duncans Mills St. Orres, Gualala

The company says other sites will be announced soon.


Photo: Nissan Leaf and Fiat 500e charging at Point Reyes Station SunTrail™ Hub


Photo credit: Sunspeed Enterprises


For more info, contact:

Sunspeed Enterprises, a California Corporation

65 Third Street, Suite 13

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956-0357


Phone: 415-663-8766





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